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Bible Based Curriculum and Weekly Chapel
                                  Classes for Infants Thru VPK Year Round Program
                                  Full and Part-Time Classes Spanish Enrichment Program




The Appleseed
“A place for children to grow”

The Appleseed believes in providing educational experiences that will enrich the life of the whole child. A wonderful preschool experience should instill your child with a positive self image and the basic Christian principles to be a successful adult. We want to continue what you have begun, reinforce and expand on what you teach, support your choices and be partners with you in enriching your child."

At the Appleseed we are committed to providing a warm and loving environment for the children of our community. One in which the children can be free enough to grow and explore, yet directed enough to learn and progress.

Kathleen Wininger, Appleseed Pre-School Director

"Children are a gift of God a reward from Him" Psalm 127


Congratulations to our preschool director, Kathy Wininger, for being elected to be the Christian voice at the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County board of directors!

Kathy has earned this position due to her hard work, kind heart, and the gift she has of sharing the love of Christ. Let us all keep Kathy in our prayers so that the Lord may continue to bless the works of her hands, and that He may give her the guidance and wisdom she will need to continue to do the work of Jesus Christ.

On behalf of Church of All Nations Senior Pastor Mark D. Boykin and staff we wish to add our congratulations on a job well done and for continued success in all future activities with the Appleseed Pre School.



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Teachers & Staff

Infant Care

Nursery Supervisor, Jill Doerr

Edna DaSilva, Infants Teacher

Laura Rodden, Infants Teacher Christoria Sherrod, Infants Teacher


In our Nursery we have babies from 6 weeks to 24 months. The teachers provide an environment that is warm and loving with lots of activities and story time.



Britney Harris, 2 Year Olds Teacher Tina Rodriguez, 2 Year Olds Teacher
Esther JeanMary, 2 Year Olds Assistant  


Our twos’ are incredibly busy mastering new skills such as potty training and sharing toys with their friends. They are guided lovingly through a challenging year of maturing and growing in God’s love.


Three's & Toddlers

Georgia Ingram, 3.5 Year Olds Teacher Kesia Assis, 3 Year Olds Assistant
Carie Correale, Toddlers Teacher Daniell Zama, Toddlers Teacher


There is nothing as delightful as a three year old. They are so full of wonder and excitement at learning new skills. We use the creative curriculum in our Threes program. It is based on four areas of development: social emotional, cognitive, physical and language.



Ellen Lebrevelec, VPKB Teacher Veronica Rocha, VPKA Assistant

In our VPK Program we also use the creative curriculum. The children learn to read and write and are socially ready to enter the world of kindergarten. Each day is filled with new activities that are both fun and exciting. The VPK program is a free 3 hour program, which runs from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Wrap around care is available for a charge of $150.


Office Staff

Amber Bortner, Supervisor abortner@bocachurch.com  






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